• Architectural Woodwork

    Reception desks, Circulation desks, Wall paneling, Display cases, & Solid surface.

  • Casework

    Plastic Laminate, Wood, Painted Metal, Phenolic Resin, & Stainless steel.

  • Laboratory Environments

    Fume hoods, Laboratory appliances, service and safety fixtures, Table systems, Reagent shelving, & Hazardous material storage.

  • Specialty Environments

    Media, Music/Performing Arts, Art, Fixed Auditorium Seating, Lecture Fixed Seating, Administrative, Cafeteria, Computer Labs, STEM labs, Health Suite, Early Childhood, Career and Technical (CTE).

  • FF&E

    All aspects of a building including: Seating, Desking, Lounge / Lobby, Demountable Wall Systems, Administrative FF&E, Training Tables, Files and Storage.

  • Equipment

    Scientific Material, Appliances, Shop Tools, Early Childhood, & Fitness/Athletic Equipment.


Made up of District residents, we are a District-based company. DES DC has the capacity to self perform project management and utilizes regional installers including District based companies for the installation of the products they offer. They have no need for a large warehouse facility, as they maintain no inventory of goods. Purchased goods ship directly from the manufacturer's factory or warehouse to the site of end user. DES DC is dedicated to providing opportunities and employment to the community that we work and live in.

We provide turnkey service to our clients including; design and layouts, specification packages, budget pricing, value engineering, contract pricing, project management, installation, service & support. Customer satisfaction is our core mission; we are committed to our clients and the community that we serve.

DSLBD Certified Business Enterprise Certification Number: L92646112016

For more information fill out the contact form below or call: 202.733.5007